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Find out how Cash Poker Pro Electronic Poker Tables can benefit your business and help you maximize earnings whilst also giving you the opportunity to introduce top hardware and software technologies into your businesses processes.

Welcome To The Club

Cash Poker Pro Electronic Poker Tables present an innovative business solution, that combines latest hardware and software technologies, high profitableness and absolute control of each and every business process. Set up the Table, power it up and connect it to the Internet and you're ready to make non-stop profit 24/7!

Beyond Competition

We're absolutely sure our solution is a hands-down the best one on the market both in price and functionality of Tables and the Business Management possibilities.

Every day more and more of our Partners benefit from Cash Poker Pro product. And you can too!

1 306 341

hands played at the Cash Poker Pro Tables in 2016

The Leading technology

Automate Everything

Electronic Tables are a pinnacle of the Electronic Poker technology. Every table automates such routine tasks as counting the Pot, maintaining play order, letting people leave or join on demand and about every other task usually performed by an experienced Dealer including the possibility for visitors to change games they play on the go (“Dealer Choice”).

Absolute Premium

Our production lines are supervised by professional contractors and every part of every future product goes through a rigorous Quality Assessment process. We use only top-quality leather and materials when creating our tables. Give your visitors an opportunity to marvel at the marriage of luxury and technology witch are our Poker Tables.

User-friendly Software guarantees your users will feel as at home playing at our Tables, and comes with premium-quality sound-effects and animations.

How Cash Poker Pro Tables Manage The Tournament Mode:

  • The Administrator uses a mobile Tablet device to choose the Tables for the Tournament, then sets up basic parameters and clicks "Start".
  • Players sit at the Table and the Table Software automatically logs them in and determines their turns.
  • Hall Administrator can rest easily! Blinds raises, holds and breaks are controlled by the Table!
  • After the Tournament is over, the system determines the winners and writes off the chips off the balance of the club, while changing the Tables into Cash Mode.

50 hands per hour

The average speed of one Table

Not just a Table

Cash Poker Pro is not just an Electronic Table, but also a whole ecosystem surrounding it!

Use a custom system of bonuses and rakebacks and multi-level progressive jackpots, which will reward players who collect certain combinations.

Complete your Poker room with wall-mounted screens that display information on current jackpots, winners or state of a Table participating in a Tournament.

Bright Future

Our team is working on the future Online aspect of the game and an App your visitors can use to play the games even when away from the Tables. The App will also contain information about upcoming events and promotions, so that customers do not miss anything interesting.

Hassle-free Monitoring

Control your business from anywhere

You have a 100% control over each process via your Control Panel or with a handy App on your mobile phone or a mobile tablet.

Full-on Reporting

The System permanently saves and stores all actions that occurred at each Table.

Everything is stored in the Cloud, so even the physical loss of your Table will not impact the availability of its stats and history. You can view the daily cashier reports, as well as reproduce every step of every stored hand for any particular player. You can then use this information to improve your Club.

Regularly Updated Game List

It’s no secret that even the most experienced Dealers can sometimes get confused with the rules, when there are lots of games available. Electronic Tables don’t have this problem, hence allowing you to provide an impressive and constantly growing list of games for your Players:

More Features For Your Players:

Alternate Cash Games with Multi- and Single-Table tournaments and possibilities:

20 000 USD

The average monthly income per Table with the Blinds at $1-2 and a 5% rake

Legal regulation

Cash Poker Pro E-table for gaming zones and casinos

Our Electronic Tables fully replicate all possible Casino Poker features usually done with Live Cards and Dealers. The modular architecture of the program allows you to make the necessary additions and improvements to ensure compliance with local legislation and customer needs.

Taking into account the flexibility of the game platform in many countries Electronic Poker Tables can be certified as Slot Machines, which greatly reduces the tax costs.

Cash Poker Pro E-table for countries where gambling activities are prohibited

Such Tables are 100% free of illegal functions and features.

Currently, we can provide the following solutions:

  • Working under the license issued for organization and holding the Totalizer. Kazakhstan Clubs are an example of such a solution.
  • The organization of a School of Poker with the main activity of the poker room listed as a Training Poker Game/Sport Poker without an agreement on the winnings and payment of winnings (“cash outs”). Examples: Russia, Kazakhstan.

Our Team

If you’re looking to create your own online poker room, integrated into social networks, instant messengers or corporate projects – let us know. We can then develop top Software solution for your needs, strictly in accordance with your requirements and then provide quality support.

The cost of making online poker room depends on technical specifications of the customer. Simply contact our sales representative and we will estimate the development and maintenance cost of your project.

Simply put: if you need something done the best way possible – we are the guys to do it.

Investment Opportunities

We are ready to engage with new partners and third-party investment organizations interested in our Cash Poker Pro project and to promote the Product and the Brand name on the international markets.


Cash Poker Pro Electronic Poker Tables will become a center of non-stop activity in any Club.